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Milton Keynes Parks Trust Limited - Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to events and other activities organised by or on behalf of Milton Keynes Parks Trust Limited. All persons booking to attend such events and activities via this website must accept these terms and conditions in order to complete their booking.

References in these terms and conditions to ‘you’ and ‘your’ means the person who books to attend one of our events or activities. Where the person attending one of our events or activities is not the person who made the booking then references to ‘you’ and ‘your’ shall also include the person attending.

References in these terms and conditions to ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ means Milton Keynes Parks Trust Limited (company number 02519659).  Our registered office address is at Campbell Park Pavilion, Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK9 4AD.


Will I be issued with a Ticket?
We do not send out tickets for our events and activities.  Once you have completed your booking you will be emailed an order confirmation that will include your Unique Booking Reference Number and a barcode that also contains this number. Please print out the email or show it to us on your mobile phone to gain entry to the event/activity you have booked. References in these terms and conditions to tickets should be read as meaning that order confirmation.

Do you issue refunds?
Refunds are always at our discretion . Normally, however we only issue refunds if we cancel an event. We do not issue refunds if you are unable to attend, or do not attend, the event/activity you have booked for any reason.

Are my tickets transferable?
All tickets are non-transferable

What happens when I buy a ticket online?
On completion of your order, you will be emailed an order confirmation containing a barcode and booking reference number.  Present this confirmation on arrival on your smartphone or print out.

I have purchased a family ticket, what does that allow?
A family ticket allows event admission for 4 individuals, usually 2 adults and 2 children unless specified otherwise at the time of booking.

What is the age for a child ticket?
A child ticket covers someone of16 years and under.

I have purchased tickets for a children’s event, can I leave my children and return when the event ends?
No, our events require at least one parent or guardian to remain with their children throughout the event duration. Young persons over the age of 16 can be left on their own provided one of their parents or guardians has consented to this. Exceptions do apply for some of our outdoor learning days and courses - please refer to event pages for more details. 

Is there wheelchair access?/ Is this activity suitable for wheelchair users?
Wheelchair accessibility varies according to venue and activity.  Please check activity/event details for specific accessibility information or contact us with any questions on

Is there blue badge parking?
Limited blue badge parking for the disabled is normally available depending on the park location, please see individual event for information. Blue badges must be displayed.


Can I purchase a ticket on the day.
All events and activities must be pre-booked unless stated otherwise.

Can I bring pets to the event?
No pets allowed are allowed at any of our events unless it is an event specifically for dog owners or the event description states otherwise. All assistance dogs are welcome.


Will the event go ahead even if it’s raining?
Yes, the majority of events can take place in most weather conditions, so please come prepared with suitable clothing and footwear.

Is smoking or vaping allowed at the event?
We ask that everyone attending outdoor events respect other park users by refraining from smoking and vaping at ticketed performances and children’s events. 


How can I get in contact with you?
You can contact us on 01908 233600 or via email;


Are events subject to change?
Events are sometimes subject to change. Please see our website for up-to-date information.


Do you keep my personal details prior to and/or after the event/activity has finished?
We do retain personal details up to the date that the event/activity you have booked onto takes place in order to be able to communicate with you concerning that event/activity where it is necessary to do so. We also retain personal details after the event/activity has taken place mainly in order to keep you informed about other events/activities that we think you may be interested in. We will only use the information we collect about you in accordance with our privacy policy a copy of which can be found by following the link below:



Where can I find out further information concerning events/activities organised by or on behalf of Milton Keynes Parks Trust Limited

Information concerning all our events and activities can be found on our website at:

Please also see our section on frequently asked questions which can be accessed here


Are there any other terms or conditions that apply to your events and activities

Yes, all our events and activities are subject to the following further terms and conditions:


1.         All events/activities must be paid in full at the time of booking. Any discount due must be claimed at the time of booking.

2.         Whilst we try to ensure that all our events and activities proceed on the date specified, there may be occasions, beyond our control, when this will not be possible. In those circumstances we reserve the right to cancel the event/activity. Examples of such circumstances when we may cancel are as follows:-

·                     One or more of the persons running the event/activity are unavailable for reasons of sickness or otherwise;

·                     Viable participant numbers are not achieved for that event/activity;

·                     Circumstances arise that are outside of our control, e.g. adverse weather, floods, fire,  

You will be notified as soon as reasonably practicable if an event/activity is to be canceled.  Where appropriate an alternative date will be offered to you. If no alternative date is offered to you or where none of the alternatives dates offered are convenient for you, we shall refund the amount you have paid for that event/activity in full. We will not be liable for any other expenditure or costs incurred by you as a consequence of such cancellation.

3.         We shall be entitled to exclude you from taking part in an event/activity (even after it has started) where we consider it appropriate to do so. Examples of circumstances where we may consider it appropriate to exclude someone from an event/activity are as follows:

·         Late arrival

·         inappropriate behaviour;

·         intoxication;

·         possession of controlled substances;

·         failure or inability to follow reasonable instructions from the staff running the event/activity (including but not limited to safety instructions);

·         where in our opinion you unable to safely take part in that event/activity for medical reasons or because of any disability or physical impairment or weakness, or any mental impairment.

If you are excluded from an event/activity course for any reason then any refund shall be in our discretion and dependent on the reasons for exclusion.

4.         Some of our events and activities require the participants to have a certain level of physical ability, fitness and mobility.  Where this is applicable this will be specified on our website. Should you have any concerns whether you are capable of participating in a particular event or activity we advise you to speak to one of our members of staff who can explain what the event or activity will involve. If you still have any concerns whether you are capable of participating in the event or activity you should check with your doctor before booking.

If you have any known disability that may affect your participation in an event or activity this should be disclosed to us prior to booking so that we can consider whether we are able to accommodate your attendance or participation in that event/activity and what, if any, reasonable adjustments we can to allow you to participate safely.   This may include requiring that you are accompanied by another person whilst attending or participating in the event/activity.  We may also require confirmation from third parties (e.g. doctors, carers) that you are able to safely attend or participate in that event/activity.

5.         In some cases you may be required to complete a medical declaration and consent form prior to attending an event/activity requiring you to disclose all known disabilities, physical impairments or medication that you are currently taking. Parents or guardians of participant who are under 18 years of age will be required to complete a similar form on behalf of such participants. Where this is applicable this will be noted on our website and a copy of such form is sent out with the booking confirmation. Failure to complete this form prior to the start of the event/activity may result in you (or the participant concerned) being refused admission to the event/activity. In any event we reserve the right to refuse participation in an event/activity on medical grounds if we consider it to be detrimental to your safety or wellbeing, the safety of the other participants attending the event/activity and/or the safe and smooth running of that event/activity.

6.         Some of our events and activities involve inherent risks.  Where this is the case we will endeavour to set out the risks in the information regarding that event/activity on our website. Where any of our events/activities involve risks it is important that all attendees/participants observe the instructions given to them by the event/activity leaders and stewards. 

7.         We may take photographs and videos at our events/activities for future marketing and training purposes. Participants/attendees (or their parents/legal guardians if the participant is less than 18 years of age) agree to photos and video being taken for these purposes. Where it is possible to identify a participant from a photograph or video concerned  (e.g. because the photograph contains a caption identifying the names of the participants, or a video includes a soundtrack where the names of participants are mentioned, or a photograph or video is stored within our database systems in a way that is linked to the names of the participants) then such photograph or video shall be treated in the same manner as other personal data is dealt with.  In this respect please again refer to our privacy policy via the link below regarding how we keep and use personal data:

However where it is not possible to identifying the names of the participants from a photograph or video then such photo or video shall not be dealt with in accordance with our privacy policy.


You acknowledge that some of our events and activities may involve inherent risks and that it is impossible to entirely exclude those risks. We will endeavour to make you aware of any inherent risks in the information concerning the activity/event contained in our website. Whilst we try to make your attendance or participation at our events/activities as safe as possible neither Milton Keynes Parks Trust Limited or any of its staff or agents (including any independent activity leaders and marshals that Milton Keynes Parks Trust Limited may engage to assist in delivering an event/activity) accept no responsibility or liability for the death of or any injury to persons, or loss  or damage to property (including personal possessions) suffered by any participant whilst attending or taking part in any of our events or activities save where this can be shown to have been caused  directly by the negligence of Milton Keynes Parks Trust Limited and/or its staff and agents.